Driver pulled from burning vehicle by Heroic CCSO Deputies charged with DUI

The Driver pulled from his burning vehicle after leaving the roadway and hitting a tree while traveling down Hwy 154 in the early morning hours of February 1st, 2024 has been charged with Driving Under the Influence, and failure to maintain lane by the Georgia State Patrol. 

The Heroic actions of the Deputies who responded to the accident is chronicled in the bodycam footage below.

According to the crash report completed by the Georgia State Patrol the driver, identified as Michael Arthur Mills, 57, of Sharpsburg, was traveling north on Highway 154 near Glen Winkles Dr just before 3:30 AM on February 1st, 2024.

While traveling north Mills came upon a curve to the left and continued straight exiting the roadway to the right striking multiple mailboxes and trashcans before continuing off the roadway and hitting a large tree.

The 2018 Ford Edge that Mills was driving came to rest after hitting the tree with the front of the vehicle starting on fire. CCSO Deputies responded shortly after breaking windows and extricating Mills from the burning cabin of the vehicle moments before the fire advanced into the cabin and fully engulfed the vehicle.

According to the narrative provided by the Trooper who investigated the accident, once the Deputies removed Mills from the vehicle, he was unsteady and ” practically had to be held up by Deputies and paramedics, and the driver wreaked of the strong odor of alcoholic beverage. “

It’s at this point the report states that Mills started ” screaming about his girlfriend being in the car. ” After units with the Coweta County Fire Rescue were able to extinguish the fire they searched the burned cabin of the vehicle as well as the area surrounding the vehicle but were unable to locate any other victims.

Mills received serious burns from the fire and was taken from the scene to Grady Hospital in Atlanta for treatment prior to the arrival of the Trooper.

Once the Trooper completed his investigative work on the scene he traveled to Grady and spoke with Mills who stated that he didn’t remember the accident. The Trooper asked him to tell him the events leading to the accident. Mills responded that he had returned on a flight from the west coast around 11 to 11:30 PM the night before and that he’d had a ” couple of beverages that contained alcohol, ” while doing laundry and had left the house to go to the store.

When asked what type of beverages, Mills declined to provide details about the type or quantity. He also refused to state what store he’d gone to or what he’d gotten at the store. The Trooper also noted Mills had bloodshot eyes during the interview.

Due to possible head injuries and medications possibly given to Mills by EMS and Hospital staff, the Trooper was unable to conduct field sobriety tests. He then asked Mills to submit to a PBT ( Breathalyzer ), which he also refused to provide.

Mills was then informed that he was being placed under arrest and charged with Driving under the Influence, and Failure to maintain lane.

Due to his extensive injuries, he was not taken into custody and was informed that he would need to contact the Coweta County State Court upon his release from the hospital for a court date. He was also informed that he would need to turn himself in at the Coweta County Jail for processing when released from the hospital.

There’s been no update on Mills’ condition and it’s unknown how long he will be a patient. His booking information will be updated on the site as soon as it’s available.

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